Gaji Fan Bingbing

  • Pelakon
  • Dilahirkan: 1981 Republik Rakyat China
  • Tahunan: RM40,152,060.00
  • Bulanan: RM3,346,005.00
  • Mingguan: RM772,155.00
  • Harian: RM154,431.00
Fan Bingbing

Overview Income annually: Aug. 2019: Mr. Cui posted photographs online showing her contracts for the new film: one with a salary of $1.6 million to be reported, and a second with the actual payment of $7.8 million.
Bloomberg August 2018: Fan Bingbing has disappeared from social media amid rumors she has been barred from leaving China during a tax evasion investigation. [...] Chinese authorities have sought to rein in high salaries for actors that can eat up much of a production's budget. In June, regulators capped pay at 40 percent of a total TV show's production budget and 70 percent of the total paid to the actors in films.
Forbes 2017: CNY 300million
Forbes August 2016: $17 million
Forbes May 2015: $12.8 million
China Daily March 2009: $5 million


Update: 2020-3