Gaji Larry Page

  • Pengasas - Alphabet, former Ceo of Google
  • Dilahirkan: 1973 Amerika Syarikat
  • Tahunan: RM4.00
  • Bulanan: RM0.33
  • Mingguan: RM0.08
  • Harian: RM0.02
Larry Page

The Post Dec 2019: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, will no longer be respectively CEO and president of Alphabet, the company that controls Google and its products. The two will remain on Google's board of directors, but they will not have other executive roles.
Forbes Feb 2020: $ 61 billion net worth
Bloomberg Nov 2019: $ 64,3 billion net worth
Forbes Oct 2019: $50.8 billion net worth
Forbes 2018 $48.8 billion
Forbes January 2018: $53.5 billion net worth
CNBC March 2017" $1 salary, Forbes $40.4 billion net worth
Forbes March 2015 net worth: $29.7 billion
Forbes April 2014: total compensation/salary $1 per year, net worth $29.1 billion
Forbes March 2011: Annual salary 1 dollar, total compensation: $1729
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Update: 2020-2