Gaji Ariana Grande

  • Penyanyi - Amerika Syarikat
  • Dilahirkan: 1993 Amerika Syarikat
  • Tahunan: RM202,151,900.00
  • Bulanan: RM16,845,991.67
  • Mingguan: RM3,887,536.54
  • Harian: RM777,507.31
Ariana Grande

Cosmopolitan June 2018: Ariana has also walked in the illustrious footsteps of celebs like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton by releasing her own line of perfumes, which reportedly grossed $150 million in 2017.
Her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour spanned five continents and ended up grossing a casual $71 million in just seven months.


Update: 2017-12